Welcome to the Forest...

Get your tree here!

Welcome to the Forest...
Photo by Michael Benz / Unsplash

This is a quick one!

There are only 100 ether trees. If you want a fresh one you need to head to the forest.

The Forest

If you hold a byWassies wassie NFT you get the special price of 0.001 ETH (about two bucks at current ETH price). If not, your price is 0.005 ETH. That's a 5x benefit for you wassies (but only $10 for non-wassies, so I am hardly rocking the evil wassie maximalist angle here...).

Click the correct button depending on whether you own a wassie or not to get your tree. Hint - no cheating, the app and smart contract will check! It's one each.

Remember, all proceeds go to carbon off-sets. This is a not-for-profit NFT project.

All the new trees gone? OpenSea is open for secondary sales: https://opensea.io/collection/etree/.

Have fun!