niftymoves dugong

niftymoves dugong

Niftymoves release version 'dugong' is now live at

This is a significant release with a number of enhancements:

  • Lowest ever gas cost per NFT transferred.
  • Single transfers remain fee-free, but now use native token methods. No approval step required.
  • Single transfers are cheaper than other platforms (opensea etc). Multiple transfers are a lot cheaper.
  • App based validation and warnings.
  • Token holding discounts and referral codes.
  • csv upload for large batches of addresses (perfect for ERC721 airdrops).
  • Look and feel upgraded to platform color scheme and typography.

Lowest ever gas cost

We've squeezed the gas on multi-item sends right down:

  • Implement low-level assembly calls for transfers
  • Remove all niftymove specific emits.
  • Where information is required for later reporting it is passed in on the method call, not emitted.
  • Code restructure where required.

Our single item transfer is also cheaper than other platforms. We've done this by calling the transferFrom method, not safeTransferFrom.

safeTransferFrom checks that IF the receiving address is a contract it implements onERC721Received. This is a special method that indicates the receiving contract can hold NFTs.

There is no specific reason that this check needs to be performed on-chain (therefore incurring a gas cost).

Instead, niftymoves performs this check in the app before making a contract call. If your destination address is a contract that doesn't implement onERC721Received it will not allow you to proceed.

App based validations and warnings

In addition to checking that a destination contract supports NFTs, niftymoves will perform a number of other pre-send validation checks.

These include checking that you aren't sending an NFT to the current holding address. This counts as an error (why would you waste the gas??) and niftymoves will not let you proceed.

Other validation checks provide you with warnings. For example, if you are transferring to an address with a zero balance niftymoves will raise a warning to check this is really where you want to send the NFT(s).

You can proceed past a warning, but they are always worth checking.

Token holding discounts

Niftymove's low fee can be made even lower with a holding discount or referral code.

Holding discounts apply if you hold a minimum quantity of a certain token. For example, holding NFT 'x' could give you a 30% discount on the transfer fee.

ERC721s, ERC20s and ERC1155s are all supported as holding discount tokens.

We'll be adding holding discounts over the coming weeks. Subscribe to this blog to always get the latest ;).

Referral codes

Similar to holding discounts, if you have a referral code this will give you a discount on the fee.

These can also give a fee share to the referrer.

For example, referral code SENDIT could be for referrer 0x1. This code could give users a 30% discount, and share 50% of the discounted fee with user 0x1.

Someone making $10 worth of transfers on niftymoves using code SENDIT would pay just $7. Of that $7, $3.50 would go directly to the address associated with referral code SENDIT, and $3.50 would be kept by the niftymoves protocol.

csv uploads

Got a large number of NFTs to send to a large number of addresses? You can use the csv uploader.

Located on the right hand panel of the screen, you can upload a csv with either just addresses OR addresses plus allocations.

If you upload just addresses these will populate in the destination panel on the right hand side of the screen.

If you include allocations in your csv you will also need to have selected the tokens you wish to send in the asset selector panel. Uploading the csv will auto-assign items from the asset selector to the address in the destination panel, according to the quantities you specify in the csv.


Used niftymoves and enjoyed it? Let us know!! And let others know too. Saving gas and time is good.

Have a question, or a feature you want to see in the next release? Please get in touch! (@0mnus on twitter, yes, that starts with a zero).