Your Gas Back!!

Received some ETH from eternalproxy.eth? Here's why :)

Your Gas Back!!
Photo by Martin Adams / Unsplash

Proxtober is coming!!! (more on that later...).

A huge thank you to all EPS supporters who have already stepped into the future and setup their EPS register entry.

You are the pioneers!

In anticipation of Proxtober we have added some significant release 2 features to EPS. We believe these features represent a new Ethereum growth narrative. But I am not going to be talking about them here :).

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Photo by Hans Eiskonen / Unsplash

Received some ETH randomly from eternalproxy.eth?

To add these features we needed to re-deploy the contract. EPS cannot be upgraded in place, which is very important for overall security.

The core EPS contract is now here:

This means that if you added a proxy register entry before it is no longer in the live register. You will need to add your entry again.

But there is good news!

  1. We have refunded the gas you paid for any transactions with the old register ROUNDED UP to the closest 0.001 ETH. For some of you means a significant increase on the gas you paid :).
  2. There is a reason you will want to add a new proxy in October anyway...

Full details of the refunds made here:

You will see your refund in your transactions on etherscan:

Will the register ever change address again?

No! Just this once. So you are very very special.

Stay safe out there.