Use a headless protocol

Use the safest crypto app in the world. The one you never connect to...

Use a headless protocol

Interact 100% safely

Picture this. You've built a protocol that makes crypto interactions safer.

You help users who won't sign transactions through fear of what that signed message will actually do. Our market research shows that 97% of us have been in this situation. And with good reason: most end user exploits happen at the application layer, not the smart contract layer. We're talking about the "I thought I was signing a free mint but it actually approved transfer of my apes" type of attack. These are all in the web app you are using, not a smart contract.

But you can help! Your protocol keeps assets safely in a cold wallet while the hot wallet (with just dust) does the heavy lifting. But there's a catch: to get setup, you have to sign a message. In an app. Using your cold wallet.

Hang on a sec, that's exactly what we don't want to do...

But alas there is no other option. Right?

But there is! Presenting the world's FIRST headless protocol!

We ran into this problem with v1 of EPS back in December 2021. The concept of the proxy register was sound, but it still required a user to interact with an app using a wallet they don't want to connect to anything.

We spoke to some of the most influential names in crypto and they ALL agreed this was a problem. Even more so as EPS was aimed at people with lots of valuable assets, making the user base a prime target for hackers. It would mean that the EPS app would have to be totally secure. We have all seen how hard that can be to achieve, with my twitter feed regularly featuring protocols whose web apps have been hacked, resulting in users signing something quite different than they thought they were...

So we set about making a plan for the most hack-proof front end the world had ever seen. Then we stepped outside the box, and wondered: what if there was no spoon?

The most un-hackable web app is the one that doesn't even exist.

And the headless protocol was born.

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The safest web app? The one you never use.

We wanted a way to use EPS that involved no app. That way there was no front-end code to trust, our users face 0% front-end risk, and we would never be awoken at 3am with the news that the front-end had been compromised.

To do this we needed something that EVERY wallet in the world can do, on it's own, without any app to compose a transaction. Which is two things: send ETH, and send ERC20 tokens.

So we dug into the ERC-20 standard and peeled off the interface, wrapping it around the EPS protocol. We created a pseudo token within the EPS smart contract and airdropped every wallet on the planet 100,000 EPSAPI tokens. If nothing else, we can guarantee this is the largest airdrop in the history of the world!

But these are no mere ERC20s! They cannot be transferred, and they have no value. (So don't get too excited about the 100,000 you get for free). The EPSAPI token is your way of communicating with EPS without ever connecting your wallet to an app.

I'll say that again for dramatic effect.

You NEVER need to connect your wallet to EPS to use the EPS register.

Never ever.

Instead, from the comfort of your own wallet, just send EPSAPI tokens from one wallet to another. The number of tokens in the transfer tells EPS what action you are taking.

1 EPSAPI from your HOT to you COLD to nominate that address as the cold wallet for your hot. 2 EPSAPI from your COLD to your HOT to accept that nomination (all relationships have to be proposed and accepted, which is the only secure way to do it).

3 EPSAPI from your HOT to another address sets that address as your chosen delivery address. And 4 EPSAPI from either HOT or COLD cancels the EPS proxy relationship.

Use the world's 1st and only headless protocol

You can give it a try here:, or read our setup guide here:

There's a two minute video there if you are over reading by now.

You don't have to trust our app, 'cos you never connect to it.

REMEMBER!! All full EPS register entries created in Proxtober (October) go in the draw to win 1 ETH!! Checkout other things happening in Proxtober at

Stay safe out there!