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Things I've made.

Eternal Proxy Service (EPS) [articles]

A protocol to allow holders to prove ownership of cold vaulted assets through a separate hot wallet address, with the ability to set a delivery address for new assets.

Ether Tree [articles]

The world's first carbon negative NFT. And a 1 of 1 2 b 1.

Frenswap [articles]

A novel protocol for price discovery for fractional assets.

IceRing [articles]

Protocol for in-chain (on-chain) pRNG.

NiftyMoves [articles]

A service to allow the batch transfer of multiple NFTs in the same collection, reducing gas costs by an average of around 65%.

OAT (Omnus Application Token) [articles]

Lightweight implementation of ERC20Spendable.

Token Extensions


An ERC20 extension which allows a token to relay a call to another contract along with the specified amount of token, thereby eliminating the need for the Approve / Pull contract interaction model.


My attempt to make NiftyMoves obsolete! Adds the ability to send multiple tokens in one transaction (this massively reduces total gas cost, and inconvenience).



Easily include EPS in your contract.


Take a give range (for example tokenIds for a new NFT collection) and randomly allocate them with each transaction.


Wassiepedia [articles]

A wiki site for the wassie community.

W is for Wassie

Paperback book on amazon, an alphabet rhyme, using the CCO wassies.