Kaizen, and the art of seatbelt design...

You can now setup EPS with a SINGLE API token transfer.

Kaizen, and the art of seatbelt design...
Photo by Chris Montgomery / Unsplash


You can now setup EPS with a SINGLE API token transfer. You send 1 EPSAPI from your COLD wallet (the one that has all your valuable stuff), to your HOT wallet (the one that you connect to apps).

If you have the EPSAPI token saved in your wallet you will need to update to the new contract address. The old one will no longer work. You can remove the old one from your wallet: in metamask click the EPSAPI token, three dots top right, 'Hide EPSAPI'.

Then add the new one (address is 0x88888888888806458312bB6B7Ae0f9a7ad30Ea40) or head to view.eternalproxy.com and hit the button there to add it to your wallet.

All existing EPS details are on the register, you can go about your day. Or read on, if you are brave enough / in need of something to lull you off to sleep.

Rambling Monologue

With byWassies using EPS for all their apps we've been able to watch as a large number of users get set up. From early on it was obvious that having to send 1 EPSAPI one way and 2 back the other way was a real pain, and far too much friction for users.

So why did we do it in the first place? Sending BOTH ways is arguably 'better' but only a little bit better, and a lot more of a pain. It's like seatbelts in a car: we'd all be safer in a five point harness with a helmet on (like rally drivers). Except we wouldn't be, as if that was the only option no one would bother. The modern seatbelt works as it threads the gap between 'not safe enough to be worth it' and 'so hard to use no one bothers'...

Taking this epiphany from the world of automobile safety, we've throttled back on the belt and braces, and made the onboarding process a lot more streamlined.

The EPS view app, view.eternalproxy.com, has been updated with this change. I will be working my way through updates to the on-boarding guides and video over the coming days. With apologies also to Alice and the byWassies team who have an amazing guide for the old process.

Talking of the viewer, we have some planned upgrades on the way, which should further help onboarding and also reveal some additional features of EPS. I'll be blogging about these here too.

Until next time, stay safe out there.

On a very cold, gloomy weekend, after receiving some distressing news… this face.
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