EPS in Action

EPS has changed the game. Are you in?

EPS in Action
Photo by Jordan Wozniak / Unsplash

The power of EPS unleashed

In the Lasogette mint wallets were eligible to mint a free Lasogette if they held an eligible NFT token.

In this transaction a wallet minted a free Lasogette without holding an eligible NFT, and the new Lasogette was minted to an entirely different address than the connected wallet.

A disastrous error?

No. EPS magic.

Benefiting from your NFTs, while they are 100% safe

The wallet that submitted this free mint is a hot wallet with an EPS proxy record. The cold wallet on that record DOES hold an eliglble NFT (a byWassie). The Lasogette mint used EPS to confirm eligibility based on the cold wallet holding. The cold wallet with the NFT never connected to anything as part of the mint.

The user also has their EPS delivery address set as their cold wallet. That means the new Lasogette NFT was delivered directly to their cold wallet. It never even touched the hot wallet.

The existing byWassie could not be touched with any exploit, and the new Lasogette is safely tucked away in the cold wallet. No need to incur additional gas costs in shuffling it from hot to cold. Every day shuffling can now be restricted to this.

The flow is as follows:

As you can see, the cold wallet never needed to connect to anything, and the user still got the benefit of holding a byWassie NFT. The hot wallet is out there interacting with apps and contracts, and if it is compromised the cold wallet assets remain 100% safe.

I can't stress this enough: you now don't have to hold assets in a hot wallet to enjoy their benefits.

You can connect a hot wallet with some dust for gas fees, bringing to that interaction the full weight of your cold wallet assets. With new assets headed straight to the cold wallet.

To break it down: The only time you should connect a wallet holding a valuable NFT is when you intend to send that NFT somewhere else, either through a transfer or sale.

Being offered a free mint based on your existing NFTs, or a discord role, some merch, or entry to the club? Tell them you want to use EPS and connect only with a hot wallet. You deserve this layer of protection, and integration is a breeze.

How was this setup?

Setup is very easy. Thanks to EPS's headless protocol the user never needed to connect their hot or cold wallet to EPS.

You read that right. No connection required. Full instructions are here. The flow for this user was as follows:

What does this amazing layer of safety cost?

Nothing. It's free.

Spread the word. Demand safety for your valuable assets. Demand EPS.

Stay safe out there.