Draw -> Win?

Draw your way to 150 USDT

Draw -> Win?

Did you think the Proxtober prizes were only for writers? (https://www.eternalproxy.com/tales-from-the-crypto/). Artists rejoice! Proxtober has something for you too.

EPS needs a mascot. OK, well maybe not needs, but certainly wants a mascot.

We have one prize of 150 USDT to give away.

Entries will be shortlisted by the EPS team and then put to community vote (mechanism TBC).


  • The competition takes place on twitter.
  • Tweet your entry. Your tweet must start with tagging @eternalproxy and hashtag #epsmascot.
  • Your art can take ANY form. We are looking for a mascot, so maybe a figure of some kind?? But really, we aren't about restricting your artistic options, so go wild!.
  • Entries close midnight UTC October 31st.