About EPS

About EPS
Photo by Daniel Schludi / Unsplash

EPS allows you to sign with a hot wallet as if it were your cold.

Take part in that gated mint, use that role in discord, or get into the club. All without exposing valuable assets on your cold address.

In addition you can get new assets delivered where you want, first time.

Who's behind EPS?

The true value of EPS is in it's network. The more apps and teams that support EPS, the more powerful it is for users.

EPS is very fortunate to have a group of Founding Sponsors, who provide invaluable advice and critical support to the protocol. These Sponsors have also committed to implementing EPS in their apps and protocols.

What does it cost to setup a proxy?

Setting up a proxy is free, all you pay is gas.

The protocol does include the ability to charge a fee to create a proxy. In order to ensure that EPS is a sustainable protocol we may one day charge a small fee to create a proxy. But it will never be much!